Healing with Reiki has been found to be very successful and harmless. I have achieved more than 80% results with this healing method. This being induction of Cosmic Energy/ Life Force Energy (Praana Shakti), there can be no adverse effect in any case. It is very safe and simple to apply. Experiments on patients of cancer, arthritis, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, asthma, diabetes, intestinal ulcers/ all other disorders, piles, spinal disorders, nerve disorders, addiction to drugs, tobacco, mental disorders, cardiac problems like artery blockage, rheumatic heart, malfunctioning of valves, high cholesterol, Gynecological problems like ovarian cyst, fibroid in uterus, infertility, menstrual disorders, vertigo, tinnitus and many other illnesses have all proved to be successful. Various mental disorders such as stress and strain and related disorders, insomnia, negative thoughts and emotions such as anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, various phobias whether they are from the childhood, recent past or from past life --- all these can be uprooted. REIKI uproots the diseases from the system in all the three levels of mind, body and spirit.

Application of REIKI has found to be very successful in spiritual developments. It helps improve the aura of the person. Consequently, all those people who are positive and necessary to complete one's karmaas, come closer, whereas the people who are negative and adversely effecting the execution of karmaas will move away without any efforts.

REIKI works in the subtle level of the body. It increases the vibrational frequencies by which positive cells are created in the brain from where constant positive impulses are created and a wholistic healing takes place. Various chronic diseases, which have been declared incurable, could be healed by REIKI. Due to the increase in the Power of Intuition, one can visualize a missing person/object and can help locate it. In my past few years of experience, I had the opportunity to treat various kinds of mental and physical diseases and could work for spiritual developments. Miracles of healing a polio child, who stood up, a child who had not been walking for six years started walking, all just in one sitting can be cited. Another lady, approximately, 68 years old, having multiple cysts in ovaries and hernia, could be completely healed in five sittings with REIKI and Psychic healing. Sonography reports reveal the status very clearly.

Distant healing/ absentee healing has been proved to be very successful in REIKI. Healing can be done to a person who is staying far away through his/her photograph just by visualizing the person. Psychic surgery with REIKI can be applied on a person even whom one has not seen, just by seeing the photograph, name, age and the problem. One can visualize anything happening far away through the development of Power of Intuition.

Few techniques which can be done through REIKI:

1. Distant healing (self and others)
2. Healing animals/plants
3. Healing of intentions
4. Healing the future
5. Healing the Dead
6. Programming of Reiki
7. Intentional Reiki
8. Short form and long form of Reiki.

Psychic healing is a meditational process, wherein with the aid of certain symbols and high concentration, healing including surgery can be performed. Mind reading, changing of negative thoughts, mental disorders etc can be easily healed through this method. Development in meditation, self-realization process also could be helped through this process. Psychic healing can be done only after achieving the high meditational capacities, as one has to firmly place the mind in high concentration level on the subject. Rigorous practice and discipline only can bring expertise on the subject.

This is a very powerful method of healing. A healer who has practiced traditional meditation does this. The healer through his meditational powers transfers enormous energy into the patient with powerful psychic positive instructions. One can do the scanning of a person, when he is present or even in absentia, to identify his mental as well as physical conditions. This is done through telepathic contacts and communication. Healing of a patient also can be done in the similar manner. A psychic surgery can be conducted on a patient and the diseased part can be removed. There are various such surgeries conducted on patients with ovarian cyst, calcination in kidneys and gall bladder. Tumor in stomach, removal of artery blockage etc. to mention a few have fetched amazing results.

I had been practicing this method of healing for the last nine years and have achieved good results. The knowledge of Aura reading and healing is highly beneficial for a psychic healer. Developing the sensory system in the palms is one of the first lessons one has to undergo as it through this one can identify the sensations of the healee.


Pranic Healing just like Reiki has been existing and was being practiced many years ago. The system has been available in our Vedic science. About 25 years ago, Mr. Choa KokSui, a businessman in Philippines, rediscovered this method and has been successful in propagating it. Pranic healing is done by the method of aura cleansing. All the diseases and negativities are acquired by a human through his aura. Healing is done in various steps. Mainly the aura is swept by the palms and thrown into salt water in order to cleanse the aura. Salt has a capacity to draw the negativities; hence salt water is used. The various steps are as follows:

1. Prayer: pray so that the patient gets healed.
2. Sensitizing the palms
3. Sweeping of auras in segments
4. Energizing the cleansed aura
5. Stabilizing the energy in that area
6. Cutting off the bio-plastic connection
7. Disposal of the waste
8. Wash the hands with soap and cold water.

These are the main activities in this healing system. The area treated should not get wet for at last 24 hours. The healer should be perfectly healthy. If the healer is not well, emotionally disturbed, low in energy level etc, this may aggravate his/her disease.

Various diseases can be healed with this method and instantaneous results have been achieved. Continuous healing for a number of days has to be done for a number of chronic and acute diseases.

One can draw energy from earth, sun, trees etc. The trees have all the energy in it e.g.; earth energy, solar energy, water energy and cosmic energy. Hence one gains a lot of energy by relaxing under a tree. Sleeping in concrete houses disturbs the Electro-magnetic field of human to a great extent and creates stress and strain. Old houses with mud walls, thatched roof, wooden houses etc have been proved to be very good for habitation than the present RCC structures with a lot of electric connections.

Distant healing or absentee healing, focussing on various colors for the various parts of the body, psychic healing are some of the various methods in this healing system. No medicines, no diet control, no stringent physical exercises are involved in this healing system. One has to take training from a teacher to be a healer.

Scanning with the palms without using any instruments can be done to diagnose the diseases can be done to diagnose the diseases. Any disease can be diagnosed. One can see the organ and feel the organ, even the size of a cyst; wound of ulcer, blockage, location of artery etc. can be easily located and measured. Even the thoughts can be identified with this method. The sensitivity of the palms and the Power of Intuition have to be improved to a great extent by regular practice. Scanning of flowers, vegetables, ascertaining the energy level in the room, distant/absentee scanning by seeing a photograph or visualizing also can be done. Everything can be precisely seen/felt and experiences have evidence of 90-95% accuracy in results. Scanning has been very helpful in healing methods as one can find out the problem at the root level and the real cause of the problem.

Energy Balancing of houses, factories, offices, etc is done very successfully based on the technique of VAASTU SHASTRA. Modifications on Vaastu Shastra, to suit the present conditions of living has been discovered and found to be correct, easy to apply and maintain. Even though Vaastu Shastra is a very good technique and found to be cent percent correct, the implementation of the same has been found very difficult and expensive and sometimes also impossible. In order to overcome the above, an easy method has been invented by me.

First of all, we scan the place for its energy level, identify the low, negative energy fields, the central energy field, identify the blockages, blockages below the ground level, location of the place, various directions of installations like fire, water, air, God's corners, nearby structures, shape of plot, discomfort of people living there etc. Based on the above, we can work out the results to be achieved. There are certain symbols, which produce enormous energy reflectrons. The symbols are first charged with REIKI, pyramid technology and mantrik rituals for a few days and then it is pasted at various locations of the place, where it is practically invisible. These symbols are again energized at the time of placement, and then again for the next ten days consecutively through REIKI and mantrik rituals. Periodical check-up of change in color of symbol etc is necessary. The results are almost instantaneous and on a thumb rule I can say, 90% results have been achieved. The benefit and convenience of this system are:

1. No need to demolish any structure.
2. No need to make any major rearrangements.
3. Less expensive.
4. Results are almost instantaneous.
5. Covers up healing of place as well as the people living in.
6. Protects from external negativities.
7. The results will remain valid for more than 25-30 years.