The Traditional Meditation practiced by our old saints few thousands of years ago, could lead them to acquire self-realization and revelation of the powers hidden within. Once a person understands the inner self and its powers, he becomes the Supreme Power, hence he need not look for learning methods or processes being learnt today for healing the body, mind and spirit.

What is the meaning of Meditation ? To me it is mediating between the self and me. That is what I call meditation. Through a process I am able to realize me-I call that process as meditation . I suggest that instead of meditating on many things or objects, you meditate on self for realizing who am I and what am I . Once the meaning of this is understood, one reveals all the strength and powers hidden within one's self. What are the Powers for ? The Powers are only to help others to reveal themselves. We call it revelation or realization. It is existing within, only one has to realize it, reveal it. The Self, the Atman, which is covered by the dust of negativities has to be cleared and reveal the shining diamond within. Why do we want to realize us ? We have to realize us to introduce we to us in order to execute our karmas in this world. How can we execute our karmas if we do not realize ourselves ? How can we understand what is our karmas if we cannot read us and understand the purpose of this birth and many other births ? How can one execute the karmas if one does not know what are his karmas ? The karmas which has been designed and decided by you to experience, has been designed by you when you were at a higher plane. Whenever you reach the same vibrational frequency of that same plane, can you understand the same and also the ways and means to execute it through the right process and in the right manner. That is how meditation becomes important in one's life.

        Nowadays, there are various kinds of meditation introduced by many, for the people to practice it easily. But one should follow the right type of meditation. In today's stressed and strained life it is not possible for one to attain the meditational state. Today everyone wants to live as others and not as one's self. How can one achieve this meditational state under these circumstances ?

    I would like to take you to another dimension of Reiki, where many may not have directed their attention. Reiki can very well help a person to develop his/her meditational capabilities. People in this era are all living under tremendous stress and strain. They try various methods to combat this stress but can come out only to a small extent. Reiki could bring a person to live in abundance and can reach him to the meditational status. A regular practice of Reiki can also reach one to that status. Many practice Reiki for achievement of a specific purpose, say removal of some illness. Why don't you just practice Reiki and let the Divine Energy lead you wherever you are supposed to go? You will Find Miraculous Results!!

    When you do REIKI, with the induction of cosmic energy into the system, the vibrational frequency increases to a great extent and creates enormous vibrations at the subtle level of the body. This increase in vibrational frequency to the subtle body and the electromagentic fields will remove all negativities from within and create positive thoughts within. The increase in frequency of vibrations in electromagnetic field and positive thoughts will increase the positive auras of the person and one starts attracting or will be attracted to only positive things/ persons/ places etc. The progress begins from there on. The positive thoughts can be brought in a person in different ways with different methods. In many of the methods, one has to force the mind to accept it and the mind invariably rejects or tries to reject what it is not accustomed to. That is why many of the methods fail to bring transformation in a person. REIKI brings transformation in a person without even his knowing, leave aside forcing the mind or making the mind aware even. The process being done automatically by increase in vibrational frequency, one need not force the mind to transform as others say. Moreover, how do you know what others say is the right knowledge required for you to execute your karma's? One has to develop one's own self in order to know what is the knowledge required, in order to execute one's own karmas. That is another reason why the mind does not accept what others say or do. Revelation of your knowledge and capacity can be done by increase in vibration frequency through REIKI, the simplest form. Many know REIKI as a physical healing method only whereas it is meant for healing the body, mind and spirit. REIKI will uplift your spiritual powers, heal your mind into Positive Thinking, Healthy Thinking and automatically heals the physical body.

        REIKI is simple to learn. This divine knowledge can be learnt through traditional REIKI training system of Dr. Mikao Usui. The seminar-cum-workshop consists of courses on basics known as REIKI I and advanced course known as REIKI II. These consist of two days of approximately 16 to 18 hours of class where one acquires the knowledge of healing the self and others, including plants, animals and so called non-living things too. One also acquires the knowledge of distant healing or absentee healing which has been proved very powerful and successful. Various cases of mental physical and spiritual ailments have been treated and miraculous results achieved, The courses beyond REIKI II is known as REIKI III and Mastership, which enhances the powers and trains one to teach REIKI respectively.

        Learn REIKI and practice in order to heal and reveal yourself and help others too.

        With Love, Light and REIKI,