Who am I? What am I? Why am I born in this world? What do I gain in my life? How do I gain? Do I gain or do I lose? Many such questions bother us. If it is not bothering you, you should start bothering about it to know the right answers to these questions. Animals and plants live without thinking all these because they have no power of thought. A human being has to know the answers because he has to uplift himself from the present frequency to a higher frequency, which we call, being nearer to God.

        I am the AATHMAN and not the external visible body. Whatever is visible is perishable and the invisible is imperishable. The imperishable can create the perishable, but the perishable cannot create the imperishable. Since the AATHMAN is I, one should perform his or her karmas in order to fulfil the requirements of the AATHMAN. The characteristics of AATHMAN are Pure Love and Truth. Therefore, all the karmas should be executed through and towards Pure Love and Truth. Karma is nothing but experiencing. Every one is born to execute certain karmas. The AATHMAN gains knowledge only through Karmas. Karmas are classified as major karmas and minor karmas. The major karmas are determined by one before birth at the astral plane and the minor karmas after being born on the earth. When one does all good karmas everyday, that becomes his "samskaara". This samskaara or the resultant of the karmas is the one from where the thoughts are evoked, because the thoughts are the experiences gained by one through his karmas, and these thoughts lead our lives. We all know that all our actions are the result of our experiences transmitted through the media of thought to the mind/brain to analyze and transmit to the body. Hence karmas should be good. Good and bad are the terms related to the AATHMAN whose character is Love and Truth. The designing of the major karmas in the astral plane is also done based on the karmas already executed and choosing from what is left yet to experience. An ordinary human being never gets an opportunity to understand his karmas and he does not know what he is supposed to do in his life. He does everything on trial and error method. Why does one waste time in trial and error method? Why not find out the karmas and the method of its execution?

        One should find his own Guru in order to understand the above principle or "thathwa". Each one of us has seven Gurus: five invisible and two visible on the earth. Out of the two, one is a Guru and the other is a Guide. A Guru is the one who gives you enlightenment. He is the one who teaches your AATHMA. GU is darkness and RU is brightness. Hence Guru is a person who takes you out of the darkness and brings you into light. Guru is the one who has already reached the peak through his "saadhana". He sits there and shows the light to the disciple who is supposed to walk through the path shown by Guru. Belief, dedication, respect and oneness (advaitha) are the qualities the disciple should have to know the Guru and follow him. One should have a very strong desire to see and know his Guru. Guru is not only necessary but also always present according to the need of one's spiritual unfoldment. This probably led us to the widely known saying: "When the seeker is ready - the Guru is present."

        The Guru comes to the disciple, but the disciple has to identify the Guru. When one gets answers to all the queries one had in mind for a long time, one feels light, happy and contented when seated beside the Guru, when there is a pull towards the Guru, identify him, recognize that he is your Guru and follow him. Unconditional surrender to the Guru is most important. One can understand the Guru only when one becomes one with the Guru and follow his footprints for self-realization and self-upliftment. "UPASANA" is absolutely necessary for a student to understand and follow. According to Upanishads and Sanathan Dharma, a disciple is ready for upasana only when he releases his "ahankara". Once upasana has been acquired, one can conceive the knowledge (Brahma jnana), which the Guru imparts. Guru is the light who shows you the path, driving away the darkness in your life.

Learning is a never-ending process and so long as you have to learn, you have to have a Guru too.

        All of us in our lives wait for a chance to understand and experience the above so that the life is meaningful, purposeful and complete. There are various methods to achieve the results. A fool proof method to grow, to realize, to heal i.e., to have a wholistic healing of mind, body and spirit, one should learn and practice REIKI (Pranashakti). The advantage of Reiki over other methods is that it automatically removes the negativities from the subtle body and allows the subtle body to reveal its reality, which are Truth and Love, thereby cleansing the thoughts vis a vis the mind and body. Reiki can do this easily, as this is the easiest and fool proof method for increasing the vibrations in the electro-magnetic field of the human. The energy and vibrations are the two vital factors in a human to heal any thing and everything, whether in mind, body and spirit.

        Reiki is not merely a physical healing system. Reiki transforms you. Many who tried to transform themselves had to undergo rigorous methods to train the mind, body and spirit for long, long time, but still could not attain perfection. Whereas practicing Reiki leads you to a high frequency of vibrations, which ultimately leads you to the healing of mind, body and spirit without forcing your mind to change. Reiki allows the body and spirit to undergo the natural change to its origin, to its reality.

        Reiki has to be experienced to know. All such knowledge is imparted, not taught. A student should be able to receive it and accept it and only then can one be a part of the impart.

        Explore, experience, reveal, realize and be a part of Reiki.