REIKI--- Revival of Divine Healing system

REIKI is one of the ancient healing systems prevalent in India. The Vedic Science has introduced all the healing systems. There are approximately 786-healing systems being successfully practiced in the world for physical healing. All have been found to be effective to a certain extent. That which undergoes the process of of observation, experiment and inference is termed as 'science' and that which exists in nature and has been experienced, is termed as 'pseudoscience'. Hence one is an experimented science and the other is an experienced science. The term 'pseudoscience' itself has been given by the scientists themselves. Reiki is an experienced science, experienced not just by the practitioners but by the receivers or the patients as well.

REIKI has travelled a long way very successfully from late `80s when it began its journey in India. Even though Reiki is a very old healing system practiced by many, few thousand years ago in India, today we are learning the system rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui during the 18th century. In ancient days this system used to be known as ‘SPARSHA CHIKITSA’ i.e. touch healing. Even today this is known as touch therapy in U.K. One need not administer any medicines, no stringent diet control, rigorous physical exercises etc.


History of Reiki

        Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese theologist, during the early 19th century re-discovered the knowledge of healing through Reiki. Even though our ancestors and noble men used to practice it about five thousand years ago, unfortunately this knowledge got lost. The common man could not learn it mainly due to two reasons:

  1. People were distracted by the materialistic way of life. They could not find time or shelved it saying that it was superstition.
  2. The documentation was all in Sanskrit. Most people did not have approach to the language without the help of scholars of Sanskrit language.

        Nevertheless the practice of Reiki continued among some saints and noble men. Today Reiki is being practiced successfully in most countries. Reiki came back to India during 1989 and is being constantly spread to all nooks and corners of the country.


        Reiki is a wholistic as well as a holistic healing system, which does a quantum healing at all three levels i.e.: mental, physical and spiritual. Most of the diseases are identified as psychosomatic disorders. The thought and the mind are the cause of all behavioral patterns in a human. The thoughts come from our subtle body where it has been stored from past life, from child hood and from the recent or distant past in memory cells. These thoughts are formed by an individual from his experiences during the process of living, which is known as the execution of Karmaas. The happenings around the individual on every occasion become a cause for evoking the memories from the subtle body. When such thoughts are fed to the mind, the mind analyzes them and transmits electric impulses to the complete system. The human body behaves exactly as the impulses received from the mind. Once a thought is created in the mind it remains in the memory cells temporarily or permanently depending upon the evoking frequency. Today every one is living a stressful and strained life due to various reasons. The stress and strain to the mind is due to the incapability of living up to one’s expectations. Rather the expectations have become too high. Most of the diseases are due to such constant strain and stress in life. The chemical properties as well as the energy level of the human system change radically due to one’s thought pattern. The emotions are evoked due to the thought pattern which affects the endocrine system. The low and high hormonal secretions are mainly controlled by the emotions and thoughts. This irregular secretion of hormones, rather the energy flow, is the main cause of many diseases.  Many scientists have proved the disasters happening to the human body due to negative thoughts.

Healing through Reiki

        This being a cosmic energy transfer into the system, the treatment method for all diseases are similar, and through this system almost all diseases can be healed. I have been practicing this system of healing since 1991 and many experiments have been conducted treating various diseases. I find that more than 80% patients could be healed completely out of which many of them were classified as terminal cases and incurable by medical science. Experiments and successful treatments have been done on patients suffering from arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, multiple sclerosis, vertigo, tinnitus, epilepsy, disabled limbs in forceps children, ovarian cyst, infertility, drug addiction, insomnia, lack of concentration, stress and strain, artery blockages etc.

       In my fifteen years as healer, I have experienced astonishing results along with the happiness on the patient's face. I would like to share a few recent and amazing experiences here:

     A person suffering from suffering from severe depression, stomach disorders, insomnia, suicidal tendency, had accepted to lead a life with the support of anti depressants and other chemicals. He was on regular medication like these:

1. Nitrosum 5- 1 tablet daily.
 2. Trapex (sleeping tablets) 1 daily.
 3. Aciloc 300 (for gastric)
 4. Espazine 1 mg. 1 daily- anti depressant.
 5. Amixide 1 daily for depression.
     With time his situation deteriorated and he started getting serious attacks of depression every
 alternate day. He was on the verge of being admitted to a mental asylum, when he was brought to me for healing. In just six month's time, in approximately 120 sittings (30 minutes per sitting), he has been completely healed. The dosage of medicines gradually reduced during the course of Reiki healing, and today he is completed healed. He leads a normal life, with normal diet minus the medication and enjoys seven hours of uninterrupted sleep everyday.
           A twenty-five year old boy had been suffering from epilepsy, fear and pain in the legs since the age of 12. As usual, he too turned towards Reiki after failures with different medical systems. Since he stays in the suburbs and it was not possible for him to travel daily, he could manage to come for healing just once a week. Since he started finding results in a few weeks' time, he patiently continued with the healing for two years. Today he is happily working as a teacher.
           This therapy has found immense success with people with addiction to drugs. It is not easy for an addict of 6 years to give it up totally within a three weeks' healing. Memories of childhood, long forgotten, specially mistakes and crimes committed, surfaced after the very first sitting. From the next day, he developed a desire to have normal food, and from third day, he was looking forward to the next healing session. Within three weeks, he gained back normal diet, regained strength in legs, confidence in his walk was distinctly visible, he could sleep uninterrupted throughout the night. During the course of healing, he also developed an interest in spiritualism, and today is an entirely different person, supporting his brother in the family business.
           Mentally retarded son of a medical doctor was a slow learner but with healing he is now studying in standard VIII along with normal children. An engineering student, in the first year of her college, was suffering from fear, depression, and suicidal tendencies. Reiki healing has seen her through graduation and she is now going in for graduate studies.

             Reiki supports a person even to accept death. A terminally ill patient about 42 years of age, insisted on taking healing everyday of nine months, at least once and on many days, even twice. He knew he did not have much time, but this healing energy provided him the energy to face death, to accept the truth. This healing energy and the patient's acceptance, gave moral support to the family, his parents, wife and children, to accept the loss.

        This being a system which heals mentally, physically and spiritually, many people could be brought out of drug addiction and various mental illnesses. Many who wanted to spiritually uplift themselves through meditation methods and could not succeed in achieving proper meditation results, could achieve desired results in a few days of REIKI treatment or learning REIKI. The Power of intuition improves to a great extent, changes in frequency of vibration in the Electro magnetic field of the body leads to positive thinking and thereby resulting in elimination of stress and strain and ultimately bringing harmony to mind-body relations functioning. Well! One has to feel the experience of it. Miracles do happen and we can create miracles. Increase of auto-immune system and change to betterment in emotional levels were the first to be noticed during healing through Reiki. Reiki is complimentary to all healing systems and can be used in combination with any other healing.

Practice Of Reiki:

        Reaching a level of abundance is absolutely necessary, whether it is at the physical, mental or the spiritual level. Reiki done before 6am has its own effect on spiritual development and so also done just before going to bed at night. Reiki helps you grow beyond and the achievement of self-realization is made easier. So long as the physical body and the human mind exist, there will be discomfort both to the mind and the body, because a normal human being has to live amidst adversities. By applying Reiki daily we gain the strength to accept the situation around us and can travel beyond them. We learn to ignore and look beyond the mundane disturbances. Regular practice of the ignorance of the unwanted will lead us to the achievement of the wanted. Reiki reaches you to the dhyana marga and the jnana marga through which alone one can get moksha and nirvana. One gains the perfect samskaara by regular practice of Reiki. which helps one to transform oneself as we experience life and execute karmaas only through the samskaaras.

        I, through my experience find that Reiki done at the third eye, heart, solar plexus, hara and root, both front and back at the same time, that is one hand in front and the other at the back position simultaneously, for a period of five minutes, over and above the 24 points of Reiki, helps in improving concentration and meditational status. Giving more and more of Reiki to others improves the sensory system and diagnosing becomes easier. Moreover, the power of intuition increases when you heal others. Giving Reiki to a glass of water with the right intention, and making the patient drink it everyday after Reiki has been applied, enhances the healing process.

Learning Reiki through seminars/workshops

        REIKI - The USUI system of Natural Healing is the right form and traditional REIKI. This is taught in two days for Basic Course and another two days for Advanced Course, generally known as REIKI I and REIKI II. REIKI II can be done only after one month of practice on self and others. During the two days' course in REIKI I and II, lectures on mental upliftment , spiritualism, psychology, controlling body through the Power of Thoughts and mind, emotional let-out exercise, practice of Touch Healing and absentee healing/distant healing and many more things are taught. In both sessions the participant is attuned by a REIKI Master who is well trained and follows the system honestly and in proper manner as has been designed. It has been noticed that many diseases get healed during the attunement itself. Once attuned, it is for the lifetime of the person. It is absolutely necessary for a person to practice it everyday on self and preferably on others too in order to get best results. With REIKI you can bring transformation in life. Regular workshops are conducted and one can easily learn it in comfort.

        Any one who has an inclination, dedication, sincerity and an intention can learn Reiki. Distant healing or absentee healing is another advantage of Reiki. This technique is learned during the second degree. During my experience of teaching and healing with Reiki I have found people coming from all walks of life. Doctors and healers of all disciplines have learned Reiki and are practicing it successfully. Reiki can be used in association with all medical systems. Reiki does not cause any adverse effects. Reiki has produced amazing results in the field of healing at all levels, including some terminal cases. Faith is absolutely necessary to achieve anything and to achieve the results through REIKI too. An old Proverb says that "FAITH CAN MOVE A MOUNTAIN "; and it is true. REIKI is a Wholistic healing method and a holistic healing method.

Reiki Intensive

        Mantraas have enormous powers and has been very successfully practiced by the great noble men, the Maha Rishis and great Gurus in the ancient days as well as now. It is needless to mention that it is a foolproof method of healing when the healer is efficient enough to administer the mantraas rightly and with enormous concentration. A person who is well versed with the practice of right meditation can only handle the mantraas effectively. Therefore the common man could not achieve right results. The mantraas could not be effectively implemented in the field of modern healing techniques. The mantraas have high curative powers, if used in the right manner. Mana means mind and tra means to free. So mantra is a combination of transcendental sounds that free our minds from anxieties of living in the material world. They are in the form of symbols or seed words or a combination of few meaningful words or combination of symbols and words carrying with them certain sounds and vibrations - specific ones for specific needs. There is no cast, creed and religion in practicing this and this is not meant for the purpose of promoting a particular religion. It is only meant for enhanced healing of diseases. Chanting of mantra is not for evoking God but for creating certain kinds of vibrations, which I have already explained in our Reiki 1 classes.

        Since I have been using various Mantraas in my various healing methods and had been getting amazing results, I wish to share this knowledge with others for the benefit of humanity; hence this endeavour.

        This course is specifically meant for only Reiki 2 and Reiki 3 channels. When one does Reiki with the symbols, the Mantraas will follow the Reiki symbols and Reiki mantraas at various positions of body for various diseases. This has been proved to be a very effective healing method.

        The course is for about 6 to 7 hours including an initiation. The participants will be made to practice chanting of mantraas. They will also be explained the utilities of various mantraas for various purposes of healing. This will be associated with a meditation and invoking of mantraas. A detailed Sanskrit/ English printed matter will be given to all participants, which will enable them to learn them easily.

With Love, Light & REIKI,

DR K Muralidharan.