From Baba's Srimukh



Reflection is not the truth. It is a reflection of the truth.
Truth is small but its reflection is big.
Reflection cannot create Truth, Truth can create reflection.

Anything that is deep is calm. Anything that is calm is deep.
To attain calmness, be calm.

God gives and forgives. Man gets and forgets.

Man can think of God; he cannot become God. The self cannot think of God; it can become God.

Whatever is visible is perishable, and the invisible is imperishable.
The imperishable can create the perishable, but the perishable cannot create the imperishable.

The imperishable alone is the reality.

Nature has its own way of giving messages to us. It is upto us to identify and absorb. For instance, when a rain drop falls and wants to merge with the river or the ocean, it falls with tup, tup. Similarly, to merge with the God, one has to do thup and thup (tapasya).

Disciple comes from Discipline.

Majority is not right. Right is Right.

Be simple to be simple because the character of the athman is truth and love. Therefore, in order to understand the athman, one has to be simple. (Simplicity in thoughts and deeds).

The Self is Independent. Dependence will create repentance, because dependence is done by those who have not realised themselves.

We know what we do not know, is the truth. We do not want to know what we do not know, is ignorance.

A person who has realized the value of silence, is the only one authorized to speak.

A human being spends half the life to complicate his life, and the other half to solve the complications he has created.

Truth, love and honesty need not be learned. Negate lie, hatred and dishonesty from the system.

Loneliness is dwaitha, loneliness is apurnathaa. Aloneness is Bliss, aloneness is purnathaa.

Charcoal does not burn by itself, but when it is burned with fire, it glows and is red hot; when it is taken out of the fire, it is again the same old charcoal. Similarly, when the disciple is with the Guru, he glows with knowledge, and when is away from the Guru, he is like the ordinary charcoal.

Hope is a reaction to the future. Ego is a reaction of the past.

Speak only when necessary, not when others want.

He who says he does not have ahankara is the biggest container of ahankara.

Satisfaction of ego leads to multiplication of ego; ego is appreciated only by ego.

We meditate to attain knowledge. A Maharishi meditates because he has knowledge.

A nobleman attains freedom from action, not from inaction.

Divine contemplation brings true light - contemplate on what is right, not on what you think is right.

Knowledge is known and spoken; shruthi is neither known nor spoken.

Someone else's knowledge is awareness for you; your own experience is your knowledge.

Body is the reflection of the vaasanas whereas the mana creates the vaasanas.

Manifestation comes from desires. Desires frozen with ignorance are called vaasanas.

Grief comes to those who are ignorant.

When the roots grow strong, the wall breaks. When the faith is firm, the barriers are removed.

Moha is like a bubble of water - it bursts the moment you acquire it and you run after another moha.

The self can will; the mind can wish.

Pleasure is to the senses as happiness is to the self.

Vairagya is the freedom not to accept what is not necessary.

Consciousness is awareness by the mind; conscienceness is awareness of the mind.

To be conscious of the consciousness of the athma is athma bodha.

Determination does not come from rigidity; it comes from flexibility.

The more you serve the bandhana the stronger it becomes.

Being possessed gives santushti in spiritualism; to possess gives santushti in materialism.