Given below are excerpts from a few letters/ messages received from various people. Need we say more of our Revered Gurudev?

Ishaaq Ahmad Begh, Nazneen Ahmed Shiba, Xyris, The Boutique, , House 33, Block -J, Road 18 Bonani, Dhaka-1213.

On 15th March 1999, Reiki Grandmaster Dr.K. Muralidharan, came to out residence and attended a dinner arranged in his honour. During his two and a half hours of stay he entered each of our rooms, and energised those. One of the rooms was our boutique showroom firm where exclusive ladies oriental dresses namely, shalwar kameez and sarees are sold. He entered that room, went to the centre closed his eyes, and extended his hands sideways, meditated in that posture for couple of minutes. Later we had dinner together and he along with his lady left our house.

Later my wife suggested that we should visit the boutique showroom to find out whether there was any change in the room after the Grandmaster's visit. Once inside, we found that the entire room was glowing, as if , hundreds of tiny fluorescent lights were burning from some hidden place. We were spell-bounded.!!!!!

That night we visited that room thrice and every time we found the same glow, It was simply great!

Dr. J K Agarwal, M.D. (Medicine), D.M. (Endocrine), FICP, FFIACM
Professor and Head of Division of Endocrinology
Benares Hindu University - Varanasi.

Letter Ref: Med/96-97/Endo/255 dated 01.08.96

Dear Dr. Muralidharan,

It was indeed a great pleasure to have met you during my journey to Calcutta. The discussions we had on the vast scope of Reiki, a science of touch healing, were quiet stimulating and thought provoking. How wonderful it would be for a patient to get cured of his/her disease without recourse to medicine. The experience, which I had regarding my painful leg, has convinced me of its utility. I feel I could have had a few more sessions, I would have been fully cured of my problem, which though better still is a matter of concern for me."

Dr. T K Chowdhury, Principal, J.B. Academy, Faizabad, U.P.

Dear Dr. Muralidharan,

I wish to extend my deepest gratitude to you, for your inspiring lecture to our students on self-confidence and positive thinking, besides the demonstration of "OM" chanting and self-affirmations, which have been highly applauded by both staff and students. Sir you will be pleased to know that we have included "OM" kriya and affirmations in our morning assembly, which are taken with utmost sincerity by our students and teachers."

Miss Jane Webb, Hon. Secy./Director
Rehabilitation Centers for Children, Calcutta

Dear Dr. Muralidharan,

I would like to express our tremendous delight that you have started teaching REIKI to some of our selected children, parents and staff. You know that the organization (25 years old) runs on donation and gives free treatment to orthopaedically disabled children from all over Eastern India. They are from very low socio-economic groups and need all the help and encouragement they can get in order for them to become strong, confident, self-reliant and useful citizens. Spiritual development is of utmost importance. Reiki will help them both spiritually and physically and will also, I firmly believe, have a very great positive effect on their local communities.

So although words are insufficient to express "thank you" I am saying it, on behalf of my organization and the delightful children we treat. With Regards."

Shri M Singh, IAS
Deputy Commission, Sibsagar, Assam.

Certificate of Appreciation

I feel a sense of privilege in recording with great appreciation, the services rendered by Dr. K Muralidharan, Grand Master, in conducting a two-day free workshop on Reiki at
O N G C Staff Club, Sibsagar on 19th and 20th March 98 exclusively for the physically disabled persons of the district.

This workshop has been highly beneficial for the physically disabled persons. They will be now able to channelise their talents in more rewarding ways.

I would once again like to thank Dr. Muralidharan for this service to mankind."

Ms. Sancheta Dutta, Guwahati, Assam

I was attending the door of the attunement room for sending the Reiki participants in to the room for attunement on 2nd and 3rd April 99 at Vishnu Nirmala Trust Building. I suddenly noticed a flash of light through the streak of the door, while Guruji was attuning the participants for Reiki I behind the closed door in the room. I thought it must be the electric bulb's reflection from the room. But to my surprise, I saw the increase in light's reflection whenever Guruji started the attunement and by the end of the attunement, the light became dull. I, for confirmation, watched it for two/three attunements and I can confirm that it is the Divine Light coming while attuning. I showed this to all the people present there. After all attunements were finished, the room was inspected and found that the light seen during attunement was many fold brighter than it is there in the room."

Information from Mrs.Lakshmi Baruah, Guwahati, Assam.
(Age 53 years, Reiki III channel)

I had multiple cysts in my ovaries and hernia, found in ultra-sound test on 20th August 98, for which the Doctor advised to go for surgery immediately. But since I did not want to do anything without asking my Guruji, Dr. K Muralidharan, I talked to him over phone and told that I will not go for surgery and will wait for him to come and heal me. Guruji, when he visited on 02.09.98, he did psychic surgery and Reiki for five days. Further ultra-sound was done on 21.09.98, and found that both the problems had completely vanished. Guruji's touch can heal any disease and any kind of problems.

Information from Rip Burman, Guwahati
E-mail: ripman@GW1.vsnl.net.in

"Few miracles of Guruji"

1. Guruji was meditating before starting the Reiki session; I too started meditating facing Guruji. To my amazement suddenly I saw Guruji growing up and changed his form as "Lord Shiva". It is not an illusion and I know that this is his form.

The next day I had some problems at home and I was very sad and disappointed. Once again to my amazement, when Guruji started his message of the day lecture, he spoke of sadness and karma as if it was meant for me and I got all the answers to my questions and could overcome my sadness.

2. My mother who is a teacher had lost her vision and could not read anything. I started giving Reiki to her eyes as instructed by Guruji but very little progress could be achieved. Guruji, when he visited Guwahati in March 99, he did some healing to my mother's eyes and she started reading the smaller prints in newspaper instantaneously.

Mrs. Kalpana Baruah, Guwahati.

I invited Guruji to my residence for his blessings. I design and fabricate wooden furniture of very old British design. Guruji came on the 5th April 99 to my residence and blessed the house and the workshop. To my amazement, within a period of ten days, a person from Calcutta visited my workshop and bought the complete stock of furniture, which was not at all expected. It is definitely the blessing of Guruji. I have decided to be with Guruji in assisting him in all workshops and follow his footsteps in personal and in spiritual development.

Dr. Ashok Srivastava, Kanpur.

" I, on 1st January 1998 evening, practically choked to death. I lost my senses and others could see all symptoms of last breath. Guruji, who was present at that time, placed his hands on me and chanted some mantras and did some healing and in duration of five minutes, I could feel the life back in me. I got my second janma (life) only due to Gurudev."

During meditation, many times, I have seen him in the form of Lord Shiva and could see the bright light flowing always from his photograph kept in my meditation room. Gurudev has transformed my life.

Dr. Shawney, Chest Specialist, Kanpur.

Gurudev transformed my life and showed me the path of moksha (liberation). I will always follow his footsteps."

Dr. Subrata Kakoti, MBBS MD Pediatrician
Guwahati, Assam.

Respected Guruji,

First of all accept my pranam. The idea of writing this letter is to thank you for the excellent positive messages you are trying to spread amongst the people living in almost negative atmosphere, which not only helps people to uplift their mind by becoming positively charged and thereby neutralizing the atmosphere. On the first day itself, during introduction, I told you that I did not have any special/specific purpose of joining the program and as I heard lot about Reiki from Junemoni and thus decided to join the program. But after completion and hearing you for two consecutive days, my feeling was as if I had a hidden desire to meet a person like you. I want to tell you that you have overcompensated me my losses of three days of clinical practice. During these two days I heard lot good things from you and did not get any mind free to think about my practice. You are successful in infusing lot of good knowledge into my grey matters of brain. The program was exceptionally impressive. I am really impressed and convinced on all things you talked, because each point has scientific reasoning and really became interesting when explained/delivered by person of your stature. Lastly with lots of respects and best wishes to you from a humble disciple like me who will try to become positive in every sphere of life.

Thank GOD, for helping me to meet the GURU, Dr. K Muralidharan."

Md. Abdus Sattar, Reiki Channel, Dhaka , Bangladesh

An achievement not explainable by logic or science.

At my humble beginning, I recall the Supreme Authority, a source of all power, my creator, who awakens and broadens my mental vision to know the unknown, to see the unseen, to correct the incorrect and to be in the amity, comity and oneness with Him duly surrounded by so many invisible helpers in all my works I wish to do for one humanity, one earth.

In this opportunity, I wish to express my heart-felt gratitude and reverence to my beloved teacher, a versatile genius, a Reiki Grand Master, Dr. K Muralidharan, who appeared in the sky of Bangladesh just like a symbol of peace and tranquility with Divine purpose - all purpose to mitigate the human suffering, that has become a day to day phenomenon in every house in Bangladesh. I can't but convey my thanks once again to his wife and her companion to a little more and much more.

Reiki, a very effective mind control method recently set-up in Bangladesh under the kind auspices of M/S Rendezvous Sundaram, Chinese Restaurant, has been able to present a good number of Reiki channels who are working as one family for the alleviation of human suffering to augment the Divine purpose of our beloved teacher Dr. Muralidharan."


Mrs.Triveni Choudhury.(Kakoti). Date: 06.07.99.
Head.Deptt.of Economics.
R.G. Barua College.
Guwahati-781 025.

Respected Guruji,

"I Pray at the Lotus feet of my GURU,
The Ocean of compassion,
Whose words like the rays of the sun,
Dispel the heavy darkness of overpowering delusion."

I am writing this letter to offer my thanks to you, for sacrificing nearly one hour, as well as your soothing words poured like an avalanche of light for me, on that divine morning of 25th. May,1999.

You have seen yourself, how my heart was bleeding with agony, how my soul got hurt. In such condition your divinity, soothing words, protective attitude dissolved all my negativities, As if by a mystic syringe you have taken out all the pain from my heart.


I will always cherish the memory of that divine encounter with you. It is only the language of the heart in which I can speak- proper words do not roll down my lips.


With respect,