Self-realization - realizing the self is known as self-realization. The innermost sheath of the subtle body is known as the aathman, the SELF. One must know that we are all born to execute some important karmas in this life. Today we all do karmaas as it comes and not the way it has to be or meant for the self.

        The liberation from the negativities only can bring Knowledge and Knowledge only can make one know about the Karmas one is supposed to do in one's life. When we talk about knowledge there are two different parts, one is awareness and the other knowledge. Most of the people are "aware" of many things, but when it comes to implementing in life and achieving the results either one does not want to do or one ignores it. People have sufferings, diseases and many other discomforts in life, only due to ignorance of the knowledge. One who acquires the knowledge of the self finds peace, happiness, fulfillment and harmony.

        Most of the people are living under severe stress and strain in today's conditions. They do not find ways and means to attain peace of mind and the means to have a successful harmonious life. These are all ignorance of the powers and knowledge hidden inside one's self. Once one is aware of this power and knowledge one is able to direct oneself in the right manner and the life becomes peaceful and harmonious.

        In ancient days the RISHIS and NOBLE MEN had to undergo severe penance for achieving this, where as today one can achieve in a few days' time and with regular practice, and one can retain it throughout the life. This is normally a 5-days residential course, but one can also do it in two days, day-sessions, which includes the traditional meditation, guided meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing methods and travelling into the subtle level of the mind, releasing the pent-up emotions and releasing the negativities and trains the mind to know the realities of self through which one attains the true self and peace and strength to face the realities of life. All this leads one to lead a peaceful life. Silence of the mind and confident dependency by blind walk technique is an addition to it. One has to experience to know it. Better avail this opportunity and know thyself and learn to live like you.