Past Life Regression and transformation seminar.

                  Every body has memories from past lives. In the Past life seminar you can experience these memories. You can let go of problems and barriers in this life and live more lovingly, healthy and completely. You do not have to believe in reincarnation in order to benefit from this seminar. The goal of the seminar is not to concentrate on the past alone but present too. By using regression to re-experience past lives, problems can be solved to transform your life now.

In order to experience the results of this seminar you have to be willing to let the images, feelings, thoughts and sensations come up during the regressions. These regressions happen through deep relaxation, traditional meditation, sometimes rebirthing and imagery. You are fully conscious of what you experience and remember everything afterwards.

Every problem in this life is connected with images and sensations of past lives. When you re-experience memories of the past life completely, the problems and phobia disappear in this life. When, for example, you have problems in relationships, you see and feel scenes and images during regression that are connected with your problematic relationships. You can let go of these problems or transform them to see them in a different light. You will be able to understand present behavioural patterns as related to past lives.

Why do we feel attracted to one person and have repulsion towards another? Why do some people fear water or have phobia of heights? People suffer from anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. We may not be able to comprehend the reason but we do know that there is a reason. Our present is based on the past karmas; as we sow, so we reap. How can we know what went wrong in the past janma (birth) for which we suffer today? Is it possible to rectify our mistakes and overcome the anxieties that surround us? We experience results of karmas done in the same birth in many cases; then what are those left out and why are they left behind to experience in another birth?

            To understand ourselves and to understand our negative characteristics we need to explore our past; we need to regress into the past. Such regression can be carried out through meditational techniques and breathing exercises. This helps to calm the mind and focus on that part of the sub-conscious mind that stores the memories. To cite an example, a boy in his mid-teens was scared to put his feet even in ankle-deep water. When he was made to regress he found that this fear in him was stored from some past janma where he had died in a boat capsize. The moment he realized and understood his fear, not only did the trauma surrounding him and his parents vanish, he even learnt swimming in no time. .

Knowing the past negative characteristics helps us to correct them so that the present life is lived in the right manner. Even in this life, for example, it is the past experiences that affect our lives now. Our likes, dislikes, good and bad feelings are based on past experiences.  The emotions are all based on our past whether in this life or past life. I call it past life referring to the previous body of the present genes. All the memories are stored in our genes as soon as the body does an action. A thought is created by the mind and an acceptance done by the mind. Our lives are led only by our thoughts and nothing other than that. We programme every thought and action based on our past experiences.

The five-day seminar consists of mainly three parts other than many other exercises. In the first phase you experience your childhood, your intra-uterine phase and two or three previous lives. In part two you go through your birth in this life as well as selected past lives, your conception and time between two lives; your childhood experiences and adulthood along with the karmaas you had been executing; your married life, the identity of that person in this life and connected relationship problems with that person in this life; your death and cause of it. You undergo the experience of dying. An important experience in this seminar is finding that the death is something pleasant and relieving. In part three you see why you have chosen your parents in this life and also in the previous lives. The important persons of your previous life are connected with you in the present life and the purpose of your being with them; your purpose in this life, a prolapsis (regression through all stages of animal, plant, human etc) and one or two regressions into the future lives. It is important to know that you will only experience what you are ready to accept. You will also experience number of past lives as wanted by you to find out the inception of a particular emotion, behaviour etc. Through this, one comes to know the karmaas one executed in the past lives and deviations leading to numerous births in order to complete the same. In short, you come to know who you are and why are you born in this janma under these circumstances and eliminate the causes  (reasons for next birth, your illness now, your emotional pattern now, your characteristics and relationships etc.) Please note that you are evoking your memories you have stored in you since number of janmas.

        We also use meditation, group and partner sharing, sensitivity exercises and working in dyads. One exercise is to look where you met the people in your group in your previous life. Another exercise is to complete and clear up your relationship with parents and other significant persons in your present life. At one point the participants may experience a shift in their being, a moment of timelessness, a quantum leap in their consciousness. You may also experience how much freedom comes out of your ability to love and forgive yourself and others, to say  “YES” to yourself and life.

        Some think that the past life regression may affect adversely in the present, specially when they know the relationship of a person. This is a misconception. One should understand regressions would erase out differences and misconception and make things easy and positive in the present. Once a person regresses into the past lives, it helps in bringing out negativities, solving problematic relationships and understanding the situation as well as karmaas to be executed in the present life. This also helps in releasing the pent-up emotions through which all negatives factors of the thoughts are removed and the subtle body or the aathma is cleansed.

        We use traditional meditation and breathing techniques. Over and above we train you to increase the confidence level and make you practice various meditation and relaxation methods. This makes you a refined, peaceful and a confident person. Well, all said and done --- one has to experience such techniques to believe and derive the benefits of the same.

        Any amount of explanations on such subjects will not satisfy the hidden queries in one’s mind. One has to experience them. Knowledge not experienced remains as awareness. To attain the results one has to be willing to let go unconditionally, to have belief in the system and do it with confidence. To attain the right results the mind has to be calmed and for which solitude is necessary. One has to be away from the daily routine, totally cut off from the world. The mind then soars to realms unknown and through meditation releases the ties. Only then can one unfold and harmonize the system.

We will experience five intensive days filled with warmth, openness, and closeness.
Let us celebrate life together.

Baba Shri Shri Muralidharanji